Trashforming The Litter

After successful implementation of #PlantAPack activity conducted by Lays Pakistan in various universities and perpetual message being delivered for keeping our country #CleanAndGreen through TVC’s and print media, they came up with yet another fun and innovative way of engaging the people in an environmental friendly activity known as Trashformers where they created a giant trash bin with recycled trash and placed it at the karachi beach as a beach cleaning initiative. Lays brand ambassadors,  supporters and media was present at this activity propagating the message of a clean beach & healthy environment on their respective platforms.

I think it’s really important to understand this responsibility and act upon it as an individual. Gradually this individual effort can become collective and will certainly grow to show cleaner results for us. More initiatives and drives of such nature should be implemented on a regular basis. All of us love going to the beach, love it even more if it’s clean and green like the fascinating ones we admire in Maldives and Indonesia and what not. So why not take a step, get up and throw ‘our’ litter into the bin and see the magic!




Thank you Lays for this TRASHFORMATIONAL idea!

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