Inkompass Incredibles – An Intern’s Dream

Internships here are usually taken as opportunities to get mundane and clerical tasks done from interns who come in seeking a certificate for pinning in their profile. It’s a mutual benefit with negligible productivity.
Seldom organizations seriously take interest in their interns, hone their skills, expose them to real life professional challenges and identify their true strengths.
Inkompass global is an internship & job placement program by Phillip Morris International, in all the countries where it’s operative.
This placement is program is offered to second year undergrad students who take the online test on their website and upon successful completion, they are interviewed by the teams and taken on board (students of Pakistan have so far scored the second highest marks in the test, first being Phillipines)
The six week internship is magnificently paid and full of real time business challenges and projects on which the interns are made to work, as the batch successfully completes the first round of internship, they are again taken on board the next year for round 2, while they are in their third year of education. When both rounds of internships are completed, the interns are guaranteed with job placement at PMI, which is the best an intern could ask for. They call their interns as Inkompass Incredibles. For more enhanced personal experience, visit for yourself

Organizations must focus on such programs to create better prospects and competitive environments for upcoming graduates to demonstrate their abilities, securing them a great future.




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