Cadbury Knows The Marvellous Formula

I write this as I take a bite of this marvellous creation.

You guessed it right! The new marvellous creations chocolate by Cadbury! Firstly their TVC grabbed my attention, for who doesn’t like to be in a world of chocolate, candies and jelly beans – all so colorful and lovely. Then it’s packaging was very catchy and reminded of those spiral candies and lollipops at carnivals. Available in two flavours, Cookie gummy crunch & Jelly popping candy, my personal favorite is the cookie one because of its biscuity crunch and flavour, although the popping candy feels good too ..basically I don’t like gummy and jelly in my chocolate, so my suggestion would be to combine cookie and jelly popping together πŸ˜€
I’m more of a nut & almond person so maybe add something nutty or probably m&m’s for some flavour instead of jellies and gummies. The chocolate itself is somehow more creamy, thick and rich than the usual Cadbury, also to give space to all the marvellous creation, they have even increased the thickness of the bar I believe.

They had a tasting session at Dolmen Mall Clifton right before Valentines day, their setup in the main atrium was gorgeous, with touchscreens for playing candy crush and winning a gift for completing the round, dart games, props and chocolate tasting in the food court. Bloggers present there were busy tweeting away and took home some beautiful gift hampers (was super awkward when the public asked how they could get those boxes and when they were told they were for bloggers, they said, “what’s a blogger?” πŸ˜› )







It’s great how Cadbury came up with this new idea of such unconventional combinations, but that shows a brand is up for new ideas and is ready to experiment.

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