Colors of Spring – Festival at Park Towers

Malls of Karachi are in full swing of competition to decorate and do something exciting for the season and to keep then audience entertained. Valentines day keeps all of the super busy eh …

Yesterday I’d gone to Park Towers, one of the oldest and primary malls in Karachi for some shoe shopping because that’s what I usually get best from park towers (apart from ciao italia in their food court, which is love!) and it was all decorated in valentine’s theme from top to bottom. The festival had begun on the 10th with different activities and add ons on each day, it’s going to go on till the 14th of Feb



Apparently some spring and valentine combined shopping festival was going on with discounted prices on most of the shops, lucky draws on a minimum shopping of rupees 2500,  free makeovers, games, nail arts and bangle stalls, music corner and quite a few stuff.

Since my shopping exceeded Rs. 5000, I entered into the lucky draw, got a free makeover, tried “shoot the wheel” game, at which I failed miserably.


The 20 second game was a challenge, that you had to collect 5 pink hearts in 20 sec to win a gift hamper; sounds easy I know, but when they are blowing around you like crazy, it doesn’t remain a piece of cake.



A stall with hand made cut out cards really caught my attention; beautiful piece of art. Also, right next to it was a jewellery kiosk with gota work jewellery, perfect for mehendi and mayun brides.
I even got some amazing bangles from there which were hyderabad make, being sold a bit expensive but the designs were amazing… worth wearing and flaunting.



The makeover by Karaja was quick,  fast and quite good, in fact they did a pretty good job in very less time. Too bad I couldn’t click a photo then, because it’s battery died :-/ but I do have a photo from Park towers official photography 🙂


I didn’t stay over an hour or so, but had a fun time doing all these things. Sometimes it’s okay to return to your child like stage and enjoy such activities for a good time with your family and loved ones. Good job Park towers (Y)

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