#CurlIt by Wella Professionals


Tired of flat straight hair? Need some bounce in those locks?

Wella Professionals recently introduced a new magical product, “Curl It” for those dreamy, bouncy,gorgeous curls you have always dreamed of, that too in the shortest possible time! Not just that, you can also do it yourself without hassle at home 🙂

The range comprises of a baseline, neutralizer and an extra conditioner. As per the instructions of the product and from expert advice,  the baseline must be mixed with the neutralizer carefully and our into shapers/rods for a given amount of time. Note that timing is really crucial and differs for each hair type, so does the variant, i.e intense or mild. Later, the hair must be softly massaged with a hair holding mousse and then dried with a diffuser to spread the air evenly through the hair and scrunched gently with fingers for a finer look. Voila! Your saucy curls are ready to bounce!

To demonstrate the process, Wella Professionals (Karachi) had invited celebrity hair stylist, Beenish Pervaiz, for a day’s workshop at their academy where she gave a few very important tips, specially about how to check whether it was the right time to take off the shapers/rods i.e when the intertwined strands look like an ‘S’ and the bottom looks like a ‘C’ and if either of them is not yet ready to be taken off then the READY AREA must be sprayed with water for further hold, while the rest is still in process.

Class was informative and many small and medium salon owners showed up to learn about the product and it’s techniques. Such sessions are helpful for those who can’t afford to go for international trainings. Wella plans to provide many such classes with Beenish over the coming time which will prove beneficial for many.

With careful handling and attention to detail, the results can never go wrong!
Here take a sneak peek …





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