Meal With A Cause – #BigThickSmiles by BTB

Karachi has numerous burger joints to curb your cravings. Every single one of them is selling something unique to keep their customers returning.

Big Thick Burgers is a relatively new eaterie, being run by two enthusiastic brothers who are passionate about their burgers and love to BBQ at home, hence the tag line “charcoal grilled burgers grilled to perfection” – I mean you can’t really be a good restaurateur unless you have a few outstanding culinary skills yourself

They have a small setup, with limited seating but the place has a fresh vibe to it. I have happened to try their burgers a number of times and besides the taste, what I loved was them giving cardboard quotes with every meal. I would go and pin them on my workstation (it showed how often I went there :p )


To talk about their burgers, I have tried “Most Wanted” “California Mushroom” “Swiss Blue Cheese” & “Zesty Buffalo” .. They say that “Most Wanted” is their best selling one, but I personally like Swiss Blue cheese more because of its soft creamy texture, so both are most recommended ones. The patty being the lime light object here actually fulfills the promise of being grilled to perfection – neither too grilled to dry out the juicyness nor undercooked, just perfect! It smelled nice, it looked clean and without much redness or fat over it which ensures that they are using good quality meat. Although I do feel they could be more creative with their fries and maybe prepare various sauces and dips to be served separately with the burgers (for those who like it extra hot/saucy) or maybe let people customize their own burgers


Oh and their jalapeno chicken tenders are also worth a try! They are superbly yum, provided you’re having them at the outlet and not getting it delivered.

The overall appeal of the burger needs to be a bit more colorful and attractive so probably use more veggies or sauces or maybe change the dreary looking white wrapping to something more colorful (just an idea) But taste wise, this definitely is a place worth going to. Plus the owner is present at the outlet all the time which ascertains a good meal overall.


#BigThickSmiles – 

This is worth talking about! so these guys set up a stall at the recently held gigantic food festival in Karachi, where besides selling burgers and making money, they also decided to give out a little to those who deserved. On every sale of ten burgers, they would donate one to a street child or young sellers roaming around the vicinity looking at people enjoying sumptuous meals. They managed to donate 180 burgers at the festival which is definitely worth mentioning an achievement and this didn’t stop there. They continued this drive at their outlet as well and since then have been donating free burgers in H.O.P.E School & Garage School and many more to come …




What I like about the people running this show is their simplicity and niceness that draws you to them and their delicious food. Moreover, the cause is great

Keep it Up

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