Lays Initiates Plantation Drive With #PlantAPack

Plantation is one such activity that all of us must be taught and made habitual of as it not only helps make your area look nicer or help the ecosystem but it enables you to care and love nature. It’s simply beautiful to sow something and watch it grow in front of you. Naturally,  you start taking care of it and would never cause any harm.

Though we are quite late to press on this concerning matter, but better late than never. It’s high time we realized our mistakes and contributed to nature development.  It’s pleasing to see big brands participating in socially responsible acts for the society that we all live in together but fail to own it sometimes and rather take it for granted.

Lay’s Pakistan’s recent super brand ambassador Messi & Wasim Akram are supporting the green cause that lays has initiated. They are relaying the message of a #CleanAndGreen Pakistan by adopting simple techniques of using the bin while throwing trash instead of trajectories out the window onto the ground.

The idea is to target universities with a plantation drive where representatives will be dressed as tree mascots and will teach the  students how they can sow a plant using the inverted Lays packet. These inverted Lay’s packets will serve as a replacement to flower pots or bags hence the drive is called, #PlantAPack. It has been experimented that one plantation of such a pack helps produce 3 pounds of oxygen. Imagine the magnified effect!

They started off the activity with IBA and more universities are to be included as well. Each university will make an ECO BOARD or a decorated wall, displaying their plantation by hanging them and the one with the best and most creative ECO Board will win prizes from UEFA Champions League

This campaign aims to run for two months and in this period, they will also have competitions and prizes for consumers as well.
So join us in the fight against littering TODAY!


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