#Siachen – On A Lighter Note

It’s difficult contemplating the life of a soldier fighting for their country’s pride at the borders. More so, if these borders are made of thick, jagged icy mountains, one can’t simply fathom the harshness of weather, mind boggling environment & tough climes that impacts largely on their bodies and minds. It’s not just about winning up there, its about SURVIVAL

Siachen the Play, written by Anwar Maqsood and directed by Dawar Mehmood revolves around the struggles of our brave soldiers through the tumultuous experience they undergo on the world’s highest battlefield – the Siachen glacier. Siachen is a controversial spot for both India & Pakistan, which serves as the Line of Control for troops posted on either side.


The show starts with an emotional touch taking the audience through the lives of various soldiers leaving for battle and the sentiments expressed by their families. Later the show took on a comical shape, with witty & sarcastic comments being exchanged between the Pakistani and Indian troops, whom they could apparently hear from the other side of the mountain (ha ha)

It was a depiction of how every minute and hour feels so long up there and how they endure it. It’s not a 24-7 active war, so what do these guys do, when they are not shooting bullets? Well, they sing, pull each others legs, break down into tears, fight, quarrel with each other over small things, play ludo, strive with the cold, keep animals etc etc etc

The play was more tilted towards the witty side, hence the courageous battle feel of the play was kind of missing, but then again I feel it’s alright since the purpose behind it was to make the audience laugh and sort of connect with the sarcasm being passed on to the running governments. Siachen and its associated passion to win for the motherland and keeping its flag hoisted high came much in the end, which was quite touching as well. Also, there are certain confidential details to this ongoing war in reality that obviously can not be exposed in a play to audiences hence the sardonic side was dominant.

However, I feel, the patriotism could have been given more lines and space in the story somehow and it could have been delivered in the scenes with a lot mor depth but over all, I was thoroughly entertained which was the primary focus of the show. The entire cast had been prepared with a lot of effort by actually being sent to the military academies for training so they could look and exhibit like a real soldier. (hats off)

Cherry on the top was the beat boxing round, where all the actors played the National Anthem by creating music from their mouths and other props available. Truly commendable.

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They will be performing till the 28th of Feb in Karachi and have already performed in numerous cities. You can click here for updates on their next show and book your tickets NOW!

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Peak Freans Sooper & Naan Khatai)  were the prime sponsors and supporters for Siachen – the play. 

Thankyou EBM!

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