18 Hours of Hingol – Kund Malir


After passing through a star studded night, with lamp post like glimmering stars embellishing the night skies, creating their own charisma over gazers, we finally reached an open space where we could see the sunrise clearly. Time seemed to pass really slow there, even the over all clime and feel of Balochistan was slow and calm.  Finally the peaceful sun peeks out in this vast dry terrain, making visible the massive mountainous structures, strangely sculptured as if strong winds hit them on one side and tilted their faces forever.


The sunrise over the beach area is even more mesmerizing, the waves here don’t carry much surf or tide and are rather flat near the shore, creating beautiful layers shone upon by the sunlight. A must click indeed


Dry, water less, lose rocks – tricky to climb as they keep falling off beneath the feet, but they are equally inviting for even an amateur climber.



There we are, hungry to climb hills and mountains. After our last excursion to the north of Pakistan, these mountains seemed an easy ascend, but as I mentioned earlier, the dry lose surface made it a lot more difficult for a strong foot hold. Nonetheless, the view was breath taking, more like a vast land of nothingness with secrets hidden in it.

The air was fresh, sun was bright, people a bit skeptical of outsiders presence, perplexed at our excitement for the barren lands, because to them, it was a daily norm, they couldn’t seem to figure what meaning it held for us hungry souls, who dreamt and craved mountains and long road trips.


Hingol I believe is something you can’t explore in one day since it has a beautiful beach (Kund Malir) that engulfs you into its serene waters and Sandy shores, where you can sit for hours contemplating on those distant thoughts.  We gave preference to the beach and took a brief visit to the famous and mysterious Princess of Hope,  that has formed naturally by struggles of the wind over the years.
The Hingol national park, one of the largest parks formed in 1988, is something you need to take time out separately for. (Requires another trip)

The beach is spectacular in sight, swarming with snails, white crabs & sea shells. Rocks surrounding it are not too gigantic but with sharp ridges.



So far this is what we could explore in a day, yet there’s a lot more to this place than meets the eye and we plan to go again just to explore the park and ruins of the place this time minus the beach.


Estimated time: 4-5 hours drive from Karachi (one way)

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