Keep ’em Freckles Away..

“Get me higher, let me look at the sun, look at the sun…” – Mikkey Ekko 

Well, this only seems feasible in a song but in real, too much ‘looking’ at the sun can cause those small brown and black spots to grow on your skin rapidly which is nothing but abnormal accumulation of melanin inside your skin due to excess exposure, causing uneven coloration, pigmentation, freckles & dark spots.

Melanin sit in the outer most layer of our skin, the epidermis and yes if you are planning to go out in the sun for some shopping or beach fun, Beware! those melanin colonies are bound to get worse. Freckles are found most commonly around the nose and cheeks.

Well treatments are expensive and since a working woman or a field lady can’t help but go out, exposure can sometimes worsen the effect of laser treatments. Though freckles aren’t harmful or indicate any health issue but it definitely shadows your physical appearance, which by the way can be dealt with a number of easy & inexpensive remedies –

  • frequent application of castor oil at night


  • Almond & milk paste application

Almond Milk paste for fair skin 97097ujlk

  • Mint Leaves in Yogurt mixture

download (1)

  • Stillman’s Freckle Cream


Lots of fresh juices and using these above mentioned ways can help reduce freckles. Yes, Stillman’s has been in the market for many years and it is one of the oldest products available in Pakistani market for freckle removal. It not only helps in reducing spots & lightening the tone but also removes wrinkles by not letting the skin lose its moisture and maintain elasticity.

Moreover, having a balanced diet with not much oil dripping from it, copious quantities of water, avoiding stress and getting a full load of sleep works hand in hand in keeping your skin fresh. Just the remedies or Stillman’s alone won’t work unless you give 360 degree attention to yourself.

So say Adios to’em freckles…..



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