Wedding Song of the Season!


December is like the official wedding season. Every other person now or then gets married or “nikkahfied”  in this month. Except for the immediate family and the protagonists themselves, the most enjoyable part of a wedding are of course food and Mehndis; the only two reasons why I would personally attend a wedding.

Item songs, bollywood mashups, indie pop and hollywood up beats are definitely is what we usually ‘copy’ as our mehndi moves or even play during the ceremony. Gone are the days when we had Pakistani music as our main mehndi attraction to sing, dance and clap on but then sadly our industry seldom produces any good movie songs, let along festive songs. (P.S this statement doesn’t apply to Pakistani Pop, which is the best!)

Lately, I have been seeing promos of this fun-filled chirpy styled drama series on Geo TV,Teri Meri Jodi”  which revolves around inter cultural love marriage and the bitter sweet episodes that follow with it. Besides this unique coupling of a Punjabi guy and a Gujrati girl, what caught my attention to it was its catchy bhangra soundtrack, which gives a clear indication of the entire drama being on some fun chaotic spasms. Well, these guys launched their series with a boom and claim to have presented “The wedding song of the season” which is “Tenu Leke Jawaan Ga” , which I find catchy and want to praise because it is original and not copied unlike what other similar dramas have used in the past.

I feel this could have been more peppy to be used for mehndi choreographies specifically but it could serve as a nice play in a medley or as an event background music. I appreciate the originality and theme of the OST and its music.

Here is the song for you to jive on….Enjoy!

Punjabi track – OST

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