Sattarbuksh launches Winter “Espeshulllpl” Menu

The day Sattarbuksh decided to launch their winter “espeshulll” menu, cold breeze and weather hit karachi the same night. Interesting!

Winter calls for a rise in warm, cosy, food sessions with friends and family, specially when dining out is one of the top activities you can do being in this metro city.
For those of you who do not know what Sattarbuksh is, well as evident from its name, it a quirky modern cum desi restaurant which carries the name funk of Starbucks. It offers a variety if food ranging from desi bun kebabs to pastas and chicken entrees, etc.  It’s situated opposite Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Clifton.

They recently made some additions to their menu, including Fish in Lemon sauce, Quesadillas, Hummus, Fish chowder soup & Fillet steak sandwich. Desserts include Tiramisu, some chocolate cake I don’t recall the name of, Banoffee along with hot chocolate and Kashmiri chai.

Well I tried these items with my bloggers squad last night. The company was beautiful, so was the weather and also the food. Warm, fresh and aromatic.

Best of all were the fish chowder soup,  fish in lemon sauce and fillet steak sandwich. Fish was succulent and of great quality, so that is something I can have over and over again.

On the downside, I want to see something totally distinct coming from from a restaurant instead of the usual items served else where. Taste wise the above best items were great, while the rest were average.

The ambience was great though, more so because we got to see their upper floor which they have now converted into a multi purpose office space with convertible conference pool tables, sleeping areas, gaming zone and a cosy setup for meetups and events.

Winter evenings can be sulky and boring, so better spend it with friends a cuppa coffee or chai and a cosy hangout place.

Food shots for tour thoughts:








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