Lifewares by Interwood

Shopping for home decor and furnishings is a very style centric task where quality, convenience, design, price, spaciousness, distinctivity, everything works hand in hand and thus makes it a more calculated and thoughtful kind of a decision rather than something based on a whim. Hence, whenever such a shopping time comes, we often go to the top market players because we trust them with their work and quality.

Interwood Mobel, one of the leading furnishing brands, a name synonymous with quality on a budget, recently launched their latest flagship store, Lifewares in Dolmen Mall, Clifton Karachi. It showcases various methods for interior embellishments and giving a bit of spike to the simplicity of your house. It offers a variety for all tastes, funk, simple, gray scale, earthy etc Products range from flooring to home, kids, and, home décor which are available at reasonable and affordable prices, making them easily accessible to everyone.

A two day activity was held at Dolmen Mall, Clifton to keep the audience engaged.

Booths were set up at various locations around the mall featuring different products available where people were given the chance to win amazing prizes from Lifewares simply by taking a selfie at the booth and sharing it on their social media platforms with the hashtag, #MyLifewares.

By far the most popular activity was the Be Our Next Model competition, which took place at Dolmen’s main atrium. With professional photographers available, the booth was styled as a beautiful living room and participants not only took home framed memories but 5 lucky winners with the best photographs will be selected and featured on Lifeware’s billboards as their next model!

Bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders were also engaged and given an exclusive tour of the store to further promote the launch over their digital platforms.

As an added bonus, Lifewares by Interwood is giving its customers a 10% discount for a limited time period (till December 6th) on all products available at their outlet in Dolmen Mall, Clifton.

For more information on their work and updates, you can visit their newly revamped website or follow #MyLifewares for current news.

Let’s take you through it virtually…










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