Discounts for All – Let’s #Vouch365

Who doesn’t like freebies & discounts? I don’t think anyone would deny this fact… we all wish for free food, a plus something with a dress we buy at the store, or a free sample of a product or a free service, discount on the lavish dinner you just had …. something of that sort

Like they very popularly say in Urdu, “Jan Jaaye Lekin Mufta Na Jaaye” LOL, well that could be a little too extreme but just a context guys! Relax..

Keeping in mind our love for ‘Free’ things and discounts, Entertainer Asia, a company that seeks to pursue a global idea and go beyond conventional marketing mediums has collaborated with over 170 Local and International brands to introduce a unique incentive program in the shape of Vouch365. A mobile application launched earlier this month that offers its users a unique in categories galore on a Buy-1-Get-1 or Two-for-One theme.

You name it and they have it! Restaurants, Shopping, Salons etc’s like they have something to offer to all varieties of audiences. This is basically an extension of international Dubai based concept that they have decided to bring in for Karachiites, who are always on the lookout for such things and ready to welcome new technological advances.

They have nearly 170 brands spread across 6 categories with over 500 offers accumulating savings of 3,000,000 PKR. An added bonus is the travel incentive, with offers for over 7 destinations currently.

Vouch 365 was introduced as an application with vouchers for many restaurants, spas and activities as well as a smattering of bonus spots and a couple of hotels around the world. The restaurant vouchers all work on a ‘buy one get one free’ basis so, if you take the voucher, along with you to the restaurant, you can snap up two main meals for the price of one. In fact, you can even order a starter or salad as your main and either way.

Customers can choose between the app and a printed book, which will be launched next month. The App has been designed to offer convenient access to offers, a simple redemption process, location-based search and even a savings tracker.

Vouch 365 app is available for free download on Google play store with a selection of free offers to try from about 35 brands and will be available soon for iOS and Windows. The full package which offers over 170 brands, is available for purchase through the app and via website. As an introductory offer, consumers will be able to enjoy 14 days of free trial period plus can avail 20% discount on full package 2016 by pre-ordering through the following link:

Here, take a look at some incredible offers….





and so much more…
You can follow their social pages mentioned below, for current updates on the deals and offers.

The original price or annual fee for downloading this app is PKR 4,500/- which by the way is also on discount of 20% till 15th of December. Oh man, I wouldn’t mind registering for this personally, that too if I am getting some really kicass kind of deals to enjoy!

Its launch and kick off was celebrated at Rosati Bistro Restaurant, digitally managed by The Digital Factory, who on behalf of Entertainer Asia invited a bunch of bloggers, social personalities and celebs at the event who not enjoyed the great meal served there :p but seemed a great deal interested about this app … well sure as hell, I am (specially in the snorkeling package!)

So register quick and enjoy massive discounts for a whole year round (yeah that’s when you will have to pay the fee again :p…but who wouldn’t want to!)



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