[Post Event Report] Peep Into The Bridal Shower of The Year

Finally it happened! #SheSaidYes !


#SweetTouchBridal Shower , the event that took social media soaring with its posts and updates for giving away the most spectacular and uniquely-styled give away online to a special soon-to-be-bride finally happened and I was one of the bloggers who got a chance to attend this beautiful event.

Cosmetic brands are not usually into a lot of digital campaigns and activities & Sweet Touch England’s campaign was one of its kind for sure; something that the bride, her family and even the spectators would cherish for a long time to come.

IMG_8466_1280x853Through all the social buzz and boost that was created in the previous weeks to let the message out to as many upcoming brides as possi
ble, the process managed to yield over 2000 entries, from which a participant from Karachi, Ms. Sana Sultan was shortlisted.

Sana is to get married in coming January.

The event took place at Orrery restaurant, where the bride-to-be was given a makeover by Femina and as promised, her bridesmaid were too. They all looked gorgeous and the salon team gave their best efforts, which was nice to see since some brands don’t really deliver what they promise when the winners some thing, but here the brand manager for Sweet Touch, present all over the place, made sure that each activity was carried out as plannes, portrayed and promised. After getting the makeover done, the bride along with her maids and friends reached the rooftop that was magnificently set up in pink and white combination to give an overall sweet theme to the evening. It was soothing, not overly done at all and carried the English touch to it, representing the brand’s origin. (Sweet Touch England)

A click here, a click there – friends, family, cousins, everybody was busy clicking photos with the beautiful bride-to-be and to be honest, the photos turned out really nice, due to the venue, decor, setting sun in the background and of course the overall exuberance of people that added a positive energy to the evening.


Here is a video clip of the bride cutting the theme cake with her family…

Bride-themed cake cutting session

Activities for the event inluded, “Advice Corner” where the guests gave some thoughtful advice to the bride; “How Well Do You Know The Bride” – which had a series of questions, very personal and random at the same time that only a certain closed one could crack. Also, there were different props that people enjoyed posing with in front of the camera.


The evening went by and gradually came to an end with the serving of delicious hi tea, raspberry pink cocktails, giving away presents to the bride and family by the host and also remarks by guests about the event setup and experience.

Every face was brightly lit with happiness and smiles & that’s what the real achievement goal was for the campaign – to let the bride and her mates remember this day for a long time to come.


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