As I let go…

It controlled me
longer than I had thought
First, I couldn’t move, nor think
Invisible ropes pulled me back
into the void of past but happy memories
Reality would often come; burst the bubble & go
it kept repeating

Smiles, laughter jerked me in and out
I reached out to hold them
but all in vain
to cry? to scream or to give in?
I didn’t know

I then heard the lash
loud and clear
I open my eyes to the present
a bit relieved to see that, I am
Notice the sky above me
lit with stars gazing down upon me
talking to me
telling me their secret
telling me to stay put, let go
they are charismatic, have a strange influence
They speak the word of God
“It’s all part of the plan…why worry?” they say

I believe them
I close my eyes
Rewind it all one last time
and erase it

The feeling is light, rejuvenating and instant
like rebirth
wounded but healed
there was no desire
no suffering
no pain
no whim

It was nirvana
I was sure

That was easy
All I did,
was let go..

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