Sweet Touch Bridal Shower – “She Said Yes” Campaign!

Sweet Touch cosmetics from England have been one of the popular brands ruling the local markets here. It is most popular with its nail enamels and eye makeup followed by the entire range for beauty that they have to offer for our women.

Currently running successfully on social media is a fabulous offer by Sweet Touch for the brides-to-be who are looking for an exceptional treatment and some pampering before the big day! For in depth information, you can follow the hashtag #SweetTouchBridalShower on twitter.

The concept of a deluxe bridal shower has been seeping into our tradition pretty commonly now and every upcoming bride wants to enjoy this day with her best mates in a lavish way so for those looking to enjoy this time but don’t know where to plan and how to execute it … here is a great deal of an opportunity to waive off the hassle and win this package and leave all the hassle to Sweet Touch 🙂

All that the ladies have to do is log on to this link: goo.gl/S7OUXU , fill in the form to win a chance to win the most exciting and grand bridal shower of the season. There aren’t only surprises for the bride herself but for her bridesmaid too! All get to enjoy complete makeovers, hi tea, bride-to-be sash, special cakes & gifts for everyone including the guests that will be specially invited via cards. Some exciting fun games have been planned for the event as well and of course how can you forget photography; photography and professional videography will be on the house too.

This campaign has been making waves on almost all the social media platforms and women aside, even men seem interested to win it for their brides haha!

See for yourself


The best part is easy access to registration. One simple has to open the app on their facebook page (link: goo.gl/S7OUXU) and submit their details and wait for the Sweet Touch team to select the winner. Just like they spread colors around with their cosmetics, I am sure the event will be a vibrant one too!

Happy Winning… and don’t miss the chance!

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