Jubilee Life Insurance Launches New Cardiac Savings Plan

The stats of young individuals falling victim to the hands of heart diseases and attacks has really caused an alarm for the masses. Yet, prone to the lazy routine of unhealthy life style we don’t often take steps to prevent it. Not just a healthy regular diet and exercise plan but a positive attitude and de-stress plan also enables longevity to something as vital as the heart!

Considering the increase in the above dilemma among a lot of people, Jubilee Life Insurance came up with this first ever savings plan with cardiac procedures coverage. This plan is available to individuals from 18 – 65 years of age on a minimum tenure of 10 years, which can grant a benefit of up to 1,000,000 per life.

This savings plan was launched recently with its information kiosks set up at Dolmen Mall and the topic being talked frivolously on social media with the hashtag #AreYouAtRisk which is a clear indication that anyone of us can be at a risk or danger of having a cardiac concern and before that takes a serious shape, we not only need to take care of it in health perspective but also look at other things associated with it such as finances and insurance plans that can save us the hassle and fatigue of procedures and money matters when God forbid, such matters arise.

The event photos can be viewed below:

This was another fun activity to check if your health was at risk or not…

And then the results were displayed on the digital screens for you to see if you were safe or not…


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