Javaid Yasir Style Studio – #TheNextBestThing

Working with the experts not only teaches you a lot and hones your abilities but also instill a passion to one day follow their footsteps and be someone like them or maybe even better. And for a true mentor, it’s true joy to see the student thrive much ahead from where they have been

After working side by side and learning a great deal of artistry with hair and styling with a renowned stylist for 14 years, Javaid and Yasir, both passionate about beauty and styling trends, put their minds and efforts to this venture and laid the foundation for JY Style Studio (click to visit Facebook page)

Javaid made his name in the industry with determination and created the most adored fashion styles that are unparalleled. Their team consists of skilled individuals who share the same vision as Javaid and Yasir.

At the launch of the studio, an exclusive set of lifestyle and fashion bloggers were invited to experience the specialized services being offered which inclued, hair styling, hair cuts, manicure & pedicure. Javaid personally attended all the bloggers and did the hair chopping himself, a skill he is a master at.

At JY, their priority is to bring out one’s inner beauty and put it on display for the world to see and admire. From classic to contemporary, they consult with you to create a unique look and create a style that matches your personality. With a wide repertoire of styles, whether you are looking for natural or soft, vintage or retro, showbiz glamour, or simply something in between, you get what you asked for at JY.

There is a separate area for ladies and gents and an entirely different space (in the basement) for bridal and nail art services.

I badly needed a haircut since some time as I had been doing it myself for quite a while in pursuit of growing them long, but then when I saw his apt and swift hands chopping the locks away on other ladies, I had a similar wish too. So I grabbed a seat and off he went efficiently giving my hair a new look.

Let’s take a sneak peak into the photos…

The salons exterior is a nice victorian style whereas the inside is spacious yet there are hints of grandeur and very large fancy decor at some places.

2015-10-30 17.33.19 2015-10-30 17.33.29 2015-10-30 17.34.45 2015-10-30 17.36.35 2015-10-30 17.40.20




















This is me 1) before 2) in the middle 3) after the hair cut :))

2015-10-30 18.11.37 2015-10-30 18.36.17 2015-10-30 18.53.04
















I had a very humble experience with the entire team at the salon, the staff was courteous, the blowdry was amazing and so was the final look that I got. Didn’t get a chance to try out the other services but I am certainly going there because I personally liked Javaid’s friendly way of dealing with his customers, as if he already has returning in his mind rather than just a one time job.

The over all event was a happy one because I saw every women present there leaving the venue with a happy smile and we all know how challenging it can be to actually please a woman 😀

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