School Standards in Rural Areas

It’s sad to see how something so important as education is pushed down the priority list in our country and even more sad to see the craving faces of people who want to get it but can’t.

Besides the socio-economic reasons for not attending schools, the other most notable reason is the school structure and unavailability of a conducive environment for learning and growth. The urban culture still supports it to a certain extent but those in the rural areas where they are far more penchant of studying and school going than us urban people, are unable to because of the deteriorated and dilapidated conditions of the school systems.

Alif Ailan, a program and initiative to put education in front and center of public discourse in Pakistan and that aims to improve the institutional conditions for rural areas has taken a step to spread awareness about the problems and difficulties that current and potential students face and how the school property and possessions are being misused for personal gains.

Below is a video of a local village person, Wasu Khan, who has tried to explain these issues via his humorous poetry hoping to attract some reasonable attention of the audience towards such grave matters.

Enjoy the video and spread it as much as possible and not just this… would be great if we could contribute some support and voluntary effort in this regard, after all every child deserves to go a proper school with all basic facilities!

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