[TVC Review] – Cheetos

Keep crunching. Keep munching!

A foodie’s blogpost always starts and ends with something cheesy 😉 Well, yes I am a great foodie and all things food grab my instant attention! So did the new Cheetos commercial playing frequently whenever I sit to watch something on the TV. It’s quick, smart, delivers the message in less than a minute, makes you hungry with those little pieces of snack falling here and there, spreading all over the screen. It sure makes you want to have them right then with those loud crunchy sound effects in the background!

As far as the concept and direction is concerned, the theme is classy, catchy and very colorful. Innovation in story concept and execution is something that our industry is now gradually picking up on and if such vibrant, quick-messaged TVC’s keep coming in, watching advertisement would not be boring anymore.

Inside the TVC: Dad and son having their weekend time watching a kung fu movie while sharing a bowl full of cheetos, as they near the last bite, the table and the bowl become their real time kung fu arena and  what happens next can be seen right here, by clicking on the video link  below…..

So, what do you think? I find the those little hand gloves really cute and the idea of a hand fight quite unique as well since it represents a scene from an everyday happening in our homes, where siblings or family is sharing a packet of chips in a movie and fighting over the ending bites, it does connect to me well.

Hope you enjoyed the review….Let the fun begin! 😀

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