The Essence of #SonehraPakistan

Its too easy to find faults but takes an effort and thought to find the goodness in something

Pakistan has been a land of conflicting opinions, volatile scenarios & faces negativity galore from its very own residents every single day. Sadly, the negativity spread about her has far been more powerfully consumed by the world and little do people really know about the brighter side, the achievements, the beauty, the essence of Pakistan.

This Independence Day, amongst many initiatives proudly owned by numerous individuals & corporates, Soneri Bank also came up with a simple thought of positivity much needed by our country. The idea was to post, talk, tweet anything pleasant about our motherland, big or small, highlighting the reasons why we love it despite all the chaos! Simple enough right?

The moment Soneri Bank posted the mechanics of this initiative on social media, hoards of KOL’s and social media influencers started to talk about it; just imagine the amplified impact it must have created and the powerful message that was sent out not only to each corner of this country but also to the rest of the world!

Here, look at some of the beautiful tweets / posts / videos made by our people on how they celebrated the independence day or what beauty do they see in this country. They even posted pledge videos of what they plan to do this year for the people to bring a change in the society!

son 10

son 8

son 5

son 6

son 7

son 3

son 4

son 2

son 11

son 1

son 2

son 13

Talking positive always brews positive, after all its the animal we choose to feed. If we will choose to cater to negativity then that’s what is going to spread more, then why shouldn’t we do otherwise? Soneri Bank’s idea was simple yet powerful in the way that it got many pakiite’s attention and together we spoke of good things about this country, which rarely happens now!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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