The Order of The National Anthem

Good old days they were, when we stood in the assembly lines in schools smart, straight and zealous singing the National Anthem as a routine every morning. The teachers made sure every child was participating and to be honest they didn’t really have to make an effort, because every word, every note, every syllable was like chiseled into our systems so well from day one, that we could probably lose all scholastic memory but never forget this. It was our beginning and ending song for every school trip we made and the passion with which we all chanted, was soaring and its energy could be felt, goosebumps seen.

Today, I see students lethargically standing in crooked lines, clearly not wanting to be a part of a morning assembly and specially not part of the national anthem singing choir. Broken, incomplete and garbled words coming out of their mouths, them not knowing a single passionate note of it nor understanding what it means at all.

People out there belong either to the 1st or the 2nd kind of category in terms of our glorified national anthem and on this Independence Day ( 14th August) I am going to try to make it easy for those belonging to the second category to really understand what they are singing, why they are singing it and feel the intensity behind it.

           پاک سرزمین شاد باد  كشورِ حسين شاد باد

Pak Sar Zameen Shaad Baad; Kishwar-e- Haseen Shaad Baad

Blessed be the sacred land,

Happy be the bounteous realm

تُو نشانِ عزمِ عالی شان ارضِ پاکستان ‏مرکزِ یقین شاد باد

Tu Nishan-e-Azm-e-Aali Shaan; Arz-e-Pakistan; Markaz-e-Yaqeen Shaad Baad

Thou symbol of high resolve,
O Land of Pakistan!
Blessed be the citadel of faith

پاک سرزمین کا نظام قوّتِ اُخوّتِ عوام

Pak Sar Zameen Ka Nizam; Quwwat-e-Ukhuwat-e-Awaam

The order of this sacred land,

The might of the brotherhood of the people

قوم، ملک، سلطنتپائنده تابنده باد! شاد باد منزلِ مراد

Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat; Paainda Tabinda Bad; Shaad Baad Manzil-e-Muraad

May the nation, the country, and the state,
Shine in glory everlasting!
Blessed be the goal of our ambition

پرچمِِ ستاره و ہلال  رہبرِ ترقّی و کمال

Parcham-e-Sitara O Hilal; Rahbar-e-Taraqi O Kamaal

The flag of the crescent and star,

Leads the way to progress and perfection

ترجمانِ ماضی، شانِ حالجانِ استقبال!‏سایۂ خدائے ذوالجلال

Tarjuman-e-Maazi Shaan-e-Haal, Jaan-e-Istikbaal; Saaya-e-Khuda-e-Zu’l Jalaal

Interpreter of our past, glory of our present,
inspiration for our future!
Shade of God, the Glorious and Mighty.

These beautiful lyrics were written in Persian by Hafeez Jalandhri & music was composed by Ahmad Chagla.

It won’t be wrong to say that each word when uttered with its grasped meaning, makes much more sense to the mind and emits extreme glory and devotion in the heart

Praise to the Anthem; Long Live Pakistan! 

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