Release Yourself From The Depression Trap

It’s a trap! evil bugs invade your brain, seed in destructive thoughts and make you twitch your face in public where there should have a smile, it makes you sit in a corner and brood over things that must not be given attention to; you over think, over understand, over assume and you end up building senseless conclusions all by yourself.

Even feeling low for a while is now termed as depression and every person, young, medium or old complains of it – So how do you get rid f it?

Quick Fixes:

1.Up beat music in loud volume


 Dance it out; it helps release toxins

2. Go through old photo albums


childhood is the best time; bury yourself in good ol’ times

3. Dive into a jar of Nutella

giphy (1)

sugar rush calms your nerves

4. Get hooked to a new TV series

download (1)

someone else’s problems are more complicated than yours

5. Take a nap in mommy’s lap (Besssssttt)

Young woman with here head in her mother's lap --- Image by © Hannes Hepp/Corbis

nothing like it

6. hmmm


It absorbs in all the negative energy and cools your mind

7. Jog / Brisk Walk


leaves you drenched & exhausted;  results in better sleep

8. Suck on a lemon


the tangy taste shudders your senses back

9. Apply some Makeup on and take loads of Selfies

200 (1)

 after all some Me Time is never harmful

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