We can all get ‘Kapray’ now


Its year 2015 and finally we have ‘Kapray’ in the market, Kapray is basically a clothing brand that covers everyone’s needs, includes of Men, Women, kids and Home, its more like a fast fashion retailer brand so its like high quality and easy to get stuff, you know its the kind of store where you walk in and you find the perfect dress and you dont even have to go through the hassle of searching around hundred other stores to find your ‘sapnoun ka kapra’

Anyway, the amount of time and efforts invested in coming up with such a creative name is nothing compared to how much they spend to maintain the quality of their products…jokes apart, as far as my eyes have seen, everything was dipped in quality and class…im not even kidding, A brand of Al-Rahim textile industries ltd. who are the manufacturers and exporters since the past…

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