The Process of Eid

When all faces turn bright;

Morning begins with sweet vermicelli and exchange of Money;

Washing off the hand paint (henna) to see what color it gave you after keeping it overnight;

Setting the tables with Nimco, Sweets & other delicacies for the guests;

Cleaning the house, washing up to get ready and greeting people as they come in, collecting gift money; running to the room to count how much does the envelope contain and putting it all together in a box/jar;

Drafting a lovely greetings message and sending it all across your phone directory;

Preparing to welcome / arrive at lavish dinner daawats at relative’s house;

Feeling happy at the money box/ jar getting heavier as the days pass;

Forgetting to drink water every now & then because you seem to be out of habit;

Keeping a bottle of ¬†Hajmola with you because you can’t seem to stop yourself from eating;

Looking pretty & taking selfies with everyone around you;

Putting up tons & tons of Facebook/ Twitter posts;

Sulking on the start of a regular work week as the holidays end;

Missing the fasting month gone by; returning to the usual life again;

But above all – not keeping any grudge in the hearts. Such is the occasion of Eid – One cannot just let the hateful toxins live inside on this event. Even the most conflicted personalities bend down on this day and greet happily. Eid has a natural charm of making people feel the love and greet every one with respect. It’s probably one of the most blissful occasions in the world. God bless!


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