9 Things You Need to Know Before You Engage with Bloggers for Your Business


As the rise in technology hits the world, the ever changing Digital Media Marketing business evolves at an even faster pace. Marketeers, in the attempt to come up with newer and more innovative means to make their product stand out, are trying unconventional mediums to propagate their messages.

While your Facebook, Google and Mobile Apps flood with advertisements, the constant flow of information makes it harder to make truly rewarding purchase decisions. This gives rise to an alternate method of disseminating content: Organic Seeding.

Organic Seeding uses individuals who are considered Key Opinion Leaders to spread awareness about a certain product or brand. Since these Key Opinion Leaders are trusted within their niche social communities, having their endorsement for your initiative can make a considerable difference in creating Top of Mind Awareness, generating conversations and in some cases even influencing purchase decisions.

More and more brands are starting to realise the…

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