We Need Mother Nature

So how far are we going to go in this demolition? How much are we willing to sacrifice?

Are we going to understand what’s happening when we have lost everything? Even the healthy lives we plan to give to our children? No. The time to realize is NOW

The world is over all suffering from drastic climate change. Regions that never faced heat have been exposed to extreme weather conditions. No-rain zones of today enjoyed torrential rains. This is not really a thing to be happy about. This is Nature changing its course and mind you.. whenever Nature changes its course, it leaves behind several disturbances, that humans can’t really cope with. It has been programmed by that anonymous Programmer, to move along a certain pattern, no matter what happens, it will keep evolving and change its direction ruthlessly taking in and crawling over whatever comes in its way.

So why poke it? Our curiosity of “What doe this button do?” has led us to this point that Nature is no longer on our side.

Global facts aside, I know that Pakistan has faced a lot of weather calamities due to deforestation, mangrove-reduction, carbon emission etc. Look at Karachi, this recent #HeatWave swept away so many lives off this city but not a single governing body came up with a sustainable solution. Though small groups from the community rose to plantation cause but didn’t carry much voice and following to the idea., because people are oblivious to what are they really getting themselves into: Lack of rains, rising sea storms, unpredictable weathers, intense weathers etc.

The emotion behind writing was already there since quite some time but it took momentum when I came across this video on Facebook and it just pushed me in a mesmerized state as to what we are really doing to ourselves, to this planet, to Nature. We are constantly interfering with its operations and it is bound to strike back


The Nature does not need us, We need Nature

Watch video here:

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