Liter of Light – #LightingUpLives

Pepsi Pakistan along with Liter of Light Pakistan recently initiated a mini thought, #LightingUpLives and shaped it into a large successful campaign starting March this year. The second phase of the campaign revolved around Ramazan and how we, the blessed ones can light up the Iftar table for someone who is not that lucky enough, by simply donating Re. 1 on the purchase of every 1.75 litre Pepsi bottle that would help install solar powered lamp posts and lights in small towns or suburbs, using Pepsi bottles.

So in order to facilitate the people of these towns and save electricity bills, #LightingUpLives was put into momentum and they launched it a little before Ramazan with it’s new TVC. They started with a simple and effective donation drive and the word out had been that there will be more lives lit up and recently, we saw them do that. The volunteers of this campaign have taken over Mohalla Ali Pura, Khaliq Abad, Khushab District to install the solar powered lights made with Pepsi bottles. Regular updates on the progress of the activity was made on the social pages of Pepsi Pakistan, encouraging & motivating more and more people to join in,

Charging up the solar panels before assembly. ‪#‎LightingUpLives‬ in Mohalla Ali Pura, Khaliqabad.
At Mohalla Ali Pura, Khaliqabad ‪#‎LightingUpLives‬ using upcycled Pepsi bottles



Watch their Ramazan TVC here:

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