#KhushiyanChakhLo [Taste the Happiness]

Let’s admit it, Pakistani brands rarely come up with engaging, in depth TVC’s leaving a lasting impression. Recently the Pakistani social media got frantic over Shan’s latest Eid related TVC and viral-ed it in no time. Very aptly conceptualized and shot, the TVC runs on the big idea of #KhushiyanChakhLo [Taste the Happiness] & touches the heart of all those people residing far away from their families for reasons what so ever, on special occasions like Eid that is an entirely family oriented event after Ramazan.

It clearly depicts the strong affiliation between a mother and her sons and how they miss the most important part about being with her: Her cooking. This void created by long geographical distances is covered beautifully by Shan, placing it close to a Mother’s cooking with care and affection. Cooking becomes fun, simple and mom-like with Shan foods.

Here are some praiseworthy comments by people on the release of this TVC


Watch this super sentimental but awesome ad here and let me know about your views on this TVC

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