Steal the Show With Your Gorgeous Smile

A smile is the best asset a person can have. Be it crooked, small, wide, weak, lopsided, dimpled or whatever, a spectacular smile is what can make you steal the show in no time. It can be quite dull specially when you’ve dressed to impress the evening and are dolled up in lavishly in all things perfect BUT your smile! So how do you get that glim & missing sparkle to your missing smile?

Close Up recently launched its newest. most awesome series of tooth paste, “Diamond Attraction” and launched its product first video in collaboration with Beautiful You Pakistan, a successfully running contemporary fashion and beauty portal.

Watch the vibrant video with an up beat catchy music here:

With an electric blue and black packaging depicting a silhouette vector with a diamond shiny smile is enough motivation for you to try this classy product and gauge its results yourself.

2015-06-13 16.46.35 2015-06-13 16.49.40

A good smile is a heartfelt smile, if you have that, you can get away with anything..”  – Mahnum Kabir, Fashion Editor, Libas International 

Digital BlogArt

A bunch of bloggers and KOL’s on Twitter received a elegantly crafted and set give away from Beautiful You on behalf of Close Up with its key product, a diary and an exquisite looking pen.

2015-06-13 16.51.162015-06-13 16.51.31

I have broken down my review in to a 3-day diary as follows:

Day 1 –  Though it has no taste, but the sparkling blue gel leaves a fresh breath behind and a slick look. Yeah pretty much better than what they looked like before

Day 2 –  My mother. whose gum shield has faded uses it with me and thinks the yellowey layer is diminishing. I, on the other hand see the light stains on my teeth fading out, leaving them looking white and clean from all angles

Day 3 –  Using it regularly twice a day since the start and I feel there is a noticeable sparkle in. See for yourself – 1229843_10153138328780401_870349243_n

Not only the product is great but the way Close Up and Beautiful You have shot it in vibrant frames, is just spectacular. All hail BYou & CloseUp! 😀

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