Huawei P8 – Make It Possible

To some, all phones are the same, with the basic feature or sending and receiving messages/calls and taking basic photos for themselves. Whereas, some gawk at every advertisement of a new phone that comes out to see what’s smart and techy in it. Where most of the phones only enhance the camera quality, screen resolution, battery power, storage and look; not many focus on its internal applications and built in apps.

Huawei P8 unveiled its P8 smartphone. Huawei’s latest P-Series smartphone, Huawei P8 has already won the global market. This smartphone is a combination of high-tech specifications and totally unique and extraordinary apps. The list of features that this exemplary gadget provides is never ending. Huawei, by producing P8, has delivered such a smartphone which would cater the needs of all users, no matter how diverse technology tastes they have.

The new Huawei phones have specs to rival Apple, HTC and Samsung flagships, but come at a much lower price. The standard Huawei P8 has 16GB of storage and comes in Titanium Grey or Mystic Champagne & the premium version has 64GB of storage and is available in Carbon Black or Prestige Gold. No doubt it is in literary terms a smartphone. It’s styish with aluminium alloy unibody chassis, precision moldered with chamfered edges to increase grip. It’s battery is powerful and charges fast. not harming the performance of the battery at all. Unlike the other phones, its camera is not protruding over the surface of the phone at all.


Battery: 2680mAh battery with quick-charge technology

Camera: 13Mp front camera; 8MP rear

Chassis: 6.4mm; entirely flat

Processor: Kirin 930 64-bit octa-core (4x 2GHz A53, 4x 1.5GHz A53)

Memory: 16/64 GB, 3 GB RAM

Display : 5.2 inches Screen

OS: Android OS, v5.0.2 (Lollipop)


– In built optional E-book reading app

– A 4.3″ E-ink screen at the rear side of the phone, which is readable even under bright sunlight

– “FIND MY PHONE BY VOICE” feature. Call out your phone’s name and it will respond with an audible alert to tell you its location. Give your phone a name of your choice!

– “Director Mode” which connects three Huawei P8 phones together to shoot a video scene from different angles
– “Light Paint” Feature, which is super cool – it has professional quality low-light shooting modes that capture broad swaths of light and users can “light paint” their own freehand pictures using a small torchlight in the dark.

– Time Lapse function


Better Chipset 

• 8 chip core, smart power saving

• Industryleader in temperature cooling technology

• Excellent Music experience with EMUI 3.1

Sharper Photography

• World’s 1st 4-color 13MP RGBW Imaging, Large F2.0 Aperture, 8MP Front Camera.

• Low Light Photography, Light Painting, Director’s Mode, Perfect Selfies, Time Lapse Video, Mist Filter

Faster Connectivity

• Smart signal System, enhance signal strength

• Super Fast signal search whilst internationalroaming

• Intelligent access and switching WLAN hotspot

Beautiful Design

• Solid Metal Unibody

• Seamless Nano MoldingTechnology

• Design Inspired from handcraftedbook binding

Read inspiring tweets that some KOLs  on Twitter made using the hashtag #StyleIs for the digital launch of Huawei P8

This is what the light paint feature can do to your photos… wonderful!

Shoot like a Director yourself,

For more awesome experience of some cool features of Huawei, visit right now! and you will be amazed.totally!

Can’t wait to get this awe-inspiring must have gadget!

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