Enchanté Silver Jewellery – Get Ready To Be Enchanted

Diamond & Gold may be the prime players in the jewellery market but no doubt Silver has its own charm and beauty. Pakistani women are known for upscaling their beauty through selection of dazzling jewellery other than the lush clothes they adorn. Surprisingly, in a jewellery loving society of ours, silver is not highlighted as much as it deserves to be, as in, we don’t have many silver retail stores with first rate credibility and only a few of them are really creative ones that come up with original delicate designs. A new name has been gaining some hype in the market since a year and a half, Sukaina Abbas, who recently launched her exquisite Persian Nights range of silver jewellery which had some captivating cuts and shapes to it in Silver combined with Onyx, Chetam, Zircons and many other semi precious stones. She hosted a small but cosy exhibition at Gon Pacci Restaurant where a number of fashion & lifestyle bloggers, families, friends and celebrities could be seen gazing at the refined pieces with admiration. The range included rings, studs, earrings, bracelets/bangles, 3 piece sets, strands and portable purse-mirrors too. Everything was gleaming with different colors and nearly all of them were remarkable pieces of work that would go well with any attire you like. Enchanting yet available at affordable prices. You could either buy the pieces there and then or even place orders via their facebook page. The event became popular by the hashtag #PersianNightsByEnchante on social media.

Let’s take a look at her piece of artistry;

1609836_1081565578524937_4746765152857139327_n 11390359_1081565525191609_4847977246815328724_n 10444639_1081565451858283_4555177138566093956_n download (7) download (4) download (3) download (1) download (8) 2015-06-07 18.00.40 2015-06-07 18.15.46 download (10) download (5) download download (11) download (2)  2015-06-07 18.30.18 2015-06-09 13.09.22 2015-06-07 18.23.08 download (6) 2015-06-07 18.10.10 10885425_473214296176898_4892313530888933765_n 17673_473215646176763_4960143554882439438_n

For queries and to place an order you can email at: enchante.order@gmail.com or contact at : +92-333-1243111 Delivery worldwide. They entertain custom orders too.



The designer, Sukaina Abbas, is an entrepreneur, owner and a Jeweller designer at Enchanté, the mind behind such marvellous craftsmanship. Sukaina supports women & economic empowerment and wants to set an example for women to not be afraid in actualizing their wishlists. 

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