#AsalFoodie – Manalo Food Ka Love With 7UP

Pakistan is known to be a food loving nation, with most amount of its chaotic, jangled streets filled with an eatery joint that comes in all shapes & sizes, whether as a kiosk, a rerhi wala or a tavern. Even the mothers in our society find it a social and moral obligation to feed their kids to the fullest which in turn makes the kids, hence the whole nation; a major food lover.

Our food & beverage brands spend excessive amount of time on ideation, strategy and planning to market their products because it sells the most!

Pepsi Co. ‘s 7UP is one of the most popular beverages consumed by the foodies everywhere as it is light and its bubbly flavour creates that extra tinge with all sorts of cuisines. After executing some brilliant TVC and catchy big ideas like “Mana lo Food ka Love With 7Up” with fancy up close shots of desi food tantalizing your taste buds , they’ve been talking about foodies for the past couple of seasons non-stop. They have now come up with new communication, which is #AsalFoodie – Real Foodie; that sort of challenges your thoughts if you are really a foodie or not? Well, are you?

It’s like a light offence to all the big eaters who go saying “Do we have to prove our foodiness?” LOL. This communication was also translated as a Facebook Competition (details here: https://www.facebook.com/7UPPK/photos/a.508418765881566.1073741828.478424642214312/917728924950546/?type=1&theater ) where you could win an iPad by simply changing your display picture and cover photo to something foodilicious hence proving that you are one! The most foodie looking profile got to win an iPad! Simple enough

Here are some of the examples of the display/cover photos people could choose from or make one of their own:

Cover1 Cover2 Cover3 Cover4 Cover5 Profile1 Profile3 profile4 profile5

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