Taking a ‘Fika’ at Fika!

Fika is a Swedish word, which means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one’s colleagues, friends, date or family. Earlier this year, Karachi experienced the opening of a fancy little cafe by the name of Fika, another addition to the delightful cosy line of cafes opening up almost every other month in this city of  newly-discovered-foodies

Up until now, Fika offered delicious coffees and yum food with an exotic ambience both in the contemporary artistic lounge at the ground floor and the truck art desi cum modern designature at the rooftop.

On May 30th, Fika added something exciting on its menu to keep its customers amused 24/7 – The All Day Breakfast Menu that is not just a tiny one, I must say, but a huge range from Salads, Quesadillas, Wraps, Omelettes, Toasts, Steak & Eggs and what not – Superb!

One thing is for certain, their breakfast menu is completely atypical, unlike the usual recipes that restaurants play around bread, butter and jams!

Let’s read below the brief overview and feedback of some of the items that I managed to compile together from the bloggers invited at its ‘Taste-Launch’


2015-05-30 14.48.03
2015-05-30 14.44.26
Strong Aroma. Soft blend. Creamy Texture and perfectly sweetened. Needless to say anything else


2015-05-30 14.59.39
Fika Omelette
2015-05-30 14.59.07
Humongous quantity. Filled with Mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese, onions & egg white. Quite light spiced (use Tabasco for flavouring) Eat it While it’s hot!
2015-05-30 15.01.31
Hash Brown – More potato & less onion shall do the trick! And the crisp fried outer layer of course 🙂


2015-05-30 14.45.04
Steak & Eggs – Juicy Steak, with a simple peppercorn sauce and fried egg on the side is not only filling but full of proteins for your wholesome mornings! DELISH!


2015-05-30 15.28.23
Fish in Herb Sauce
2015-05-30 15.28.18
Awkward on why someone should have fish for breakfast but a scoop of this large portion of protein in the morning will keep you going for the day. Steamed fish with garlic and herb sauce paste on top. Boiled veges on the side 🙂


2015-05-30 15.35.29
Smoked Salmon with Hash and Egg – Crisp, saucy with a scrumptious combo of onion, potato, fish, cream sauce and egg…. Mmmmm strange but appetizing


2015-05-30 15.55.06
Apple & Cinnamon French Toast – Again, it’s humongous! perfectly coated with powdered sugar to give it the final touches of sweetness and toasts fried in a balance to retain their crunch. Sided by whipped cream and apple sauce. SWEET

And the list goes on and on till the awesome-ness doesn’t end. The breakfast mania is available from 8-1 from Tuesday till Sunday and all day long on public holidays.

You can stay connected with them via their Facebook page: FikaCafeKarachi [click] for all latest updates on their timings and menu and plan a trip with your friends and/or family soon!

This meal is wholesome, enjoyable and averagely heavy on the pocket. Common! you can spare a little generously on a good morning meal right?


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