Finding #innerglow

They say beauty lies in the heartiest smile, in the setting sun, in sparkling eyes, a baby’s rosy cheeks, a blooming flower and so on.. It won’t be wrong to say that beauty comes from contentment, peace. confidence & the glow within YOU.

Alishba Yousuf, a renowned actress, hosted a launch ceremony starting with this question to the audience and asked them what made them feel beautiful and a lot of women unanimously quoted that they felt confident if they know their skin was looking flawless and beautiful, because if that is glowing and healthy then you naturally outshine and are carefree about how your make up looks like.

Ponds has been a pioneer caretaker of our skin in the industry. We grew up seeing its little jars of vanishing, lemon and cold creams etc, and have always been fond of them. We also saw its transformation into face washes and jarred creams. No matter what, one would find one or the other product of Ponds on a woman’s dressing table – it is that essential AND with the relaunch of their White Beauty range, that not only reduces dark spots and dark circles from your skin but its unique GenWhite Technology goes three layers deep with in your skin to uncover the 1 million pinkish white cells and gives you an inner glow.

On 22 May 2015, Pond’s recently held a bloggers event to re-introduce its White Beauty Cream and Face wash. The bloggers meet is part of Pond’s continuing effort to help consumers unleash their true self and unblock their inner glow. After all, Ponds wants the Pakistani women to continue looking good, feeling good and getting most out of their lives. The ceremony was themed as “The Journey to Unblocking Your Inner Glow” and correlating to the theme, they had set up this really awesome activity of a pink wall, covered by numerous tiles, everybody present in the audience had to uncover the wall tile by tile, fulfilling a social media activity mentioned at the back and the one who uncovered with most number of tiles was to be rewarded by a gift hamper from Ponds. The wall after a complete uncover revealed the White Beauty key visual revealing the product and its magical benefits.

The venue was beautifully set up with every mildewed in pink hues. Here are some glimpses from the venue

One of the social media activities mentioned behind the tile ….

The event was short, sweet and very refreshing altogether. Thanks to @pondspk 🙂

My View-point

I can totally vouch for this, as 60% of my work requires me to be outdoors and that has considerably darkened my exposed skin areas, like my face and hands and I do not feel like going to spontaneous fancy events just for the reason that my skin is dull and I won’t be able to pull off the best of me if my skin is not glowing. But by using Ponds White Beauty Face Wash followed by White Beauty cream that acts as a triple sun-screens and is professionally designed for deep absorption, to go three layers deep and remove dark spots and dark circles from the root – my skin feels fresh and glowing, instantly!

Here goes my dear diary —

Day1 – It just won’t happen in a single splash. But after gently rubbing it in circles on my face, you can instantly tell a mild difference, because Voila! you have just washed your greasy oily face with a superb solution

Day2 – It softens the skin. The hard patches on my skin surface seem to give up. I notice the oil doesn’t come back either!

Day3 – The light and dark patterns on my face start to merge meaning the uneven tone now starts to diminish

Day4 – Instant freshness. I think I have started to depend on Ponds White beauty to give me that much needed glow before I leave my house. Think I’m going to stock it up ‘unlimitedly’

Day5 – Mom starts telling me that I am turning fair. I tell her it’s my skin glowing, that’s all.

Day6 – The open pores have also reduced leaving my skin smooth and unflaky. I have secretly started using it on my hands too (LOL)

Day7 – It has surely become my 100% dependable product. My base before the base. before anything else, I have to use my Ponds White beauty facewash for this kinda glow …

The visible glow

To unblock your #innerglow visit:

Facebook: PondsPakistan

Twitter: @Pondspk

Instagram: @Pondspk Or just simply purchase it from your nearest retail store! 😀

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