TGIF’s Surprise Menu

@TGIF recently launched their secret addendum to the usual menu. The first round of experimentation was done on a bunch of foodies & bloggers (God help us! LOL) to opine on the taste, quality and critic on what more can be done to enhance the piquancy of the cuisine.

Well, here is their new menu, (not sure if it’s perceptible or not) It contains,

Shanghai Chicken Salad. Wicked Chicken. Texas Chilli Cheese Burger. Crispy Lemon Shrimp Pasta. Sothwest Adobo Chicken. Creole Style Steak & Shrimp. Ultimate Tennessee Burger. Tennessee Peach & French Vanilla Latte.


I ordered the (ahemm) expensive most item on the menu, Creole Style Steak & Shrimp to really see what was so grand about it.


Though it looks ordinary, but the veges and shrimps were outstanding. The patty on the other hand was good but could have been best, had it been a bit more juicy or marinated in the cajun sauce a little more because it felt slightly dry. Overall, it was a splendid meal, still a bit pricey for its quote.

11203094_10155458664300401_1099537119772372807_n 11140391_10155458664685401_941497764999155162_n 11262103_10155458664905401_5246412513991720996_n

The Shanghai salad was fresh and crsipy and simply wow! & Tennessee Peach was a blessing in this sultry weather. I squeezed an extra lemon in the drink to make it more tangy as the peach flavour made it a bit too sweet for me. The lemon addition just made it the perfect drink for me in this weather.

French Vanilla latte was like the climaxing item for me, more like a desert. Cool, frozen, coffeelicious & creamy!

Besides the gobbling part, it was a joyous time spent with the bloggers and food paramours. Thanks to the brand team of TGIF and all the very best to them for the official launch of the menu.

I hope they incorporate the given feedback nicely and give everyone a great Friday feel! 😀

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