Celebrate spring at the Chilam Joshi festival!

This post is being published as a guest post by Fatima Naqvi, Head of Public Relations @ Jovago Pakistan, Rocket Internet 


The people of Kalash love music and dancing to the beat of drums. Both men and women partake in dancing festivities, where they make circles and enjoy the sound of music. Kalash is famous for their relaxed and life-loving approach; in fact Kalashis do not even mourn deaths. They are very connected to nature, and every year they host different festivals to thank their Gods.


One of the most famous festivals in Kalash is called the Chilam Joshi festival, celebrated during the month of May. The Kalashis believe that the pastoral god Sorizan protects their herds during autumn and winter, and so they host a winter festival to thank the god. Their other god, Goshidai protects the herds during summer and spring seasons and is thanked at the Chilam Joshi festival.


The Chilam Joshi festival lasts for four days. It starts in Rumbur valley (located in Kalash valley) and moves on to other valleys in the region. During this festival the Kalashi people pray for the safety of their fields and animals by spreading milk on their gods. Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s northern areas have raised the demand for Pakistan Hotels and the number of tourists visiting these beautiful places.

Kalashi’s live a unique life, quite different to mainstream Pakistani life. Kalashi’s practice their own religion and culture. We at Jovago encourage you to book a hotel in Chitral right away! It is always fascinating witnessing different cultures, and so we strongly encourage you to travel to Chitral and check out the Chilam Joshi festival held in the Kalash valleys.


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