Say No To Food-Burdening

Ok so food is amazing, it is just the best thing that can happen to a person! It takes the position of awesomeness next to love.. Whether or not you follow this super cool regime of diet and detox juices (I always end up calling them toxic juice), toning down on food just seems impossible  (at least to me). But then again, it doesn’t mean you fill yourself to the point of exploding and the feel guilty about it, also leaving no room for your scrumptious night’s dinner!

So, here are a few tips to NOT feel burdened by your food and at the same time, enjoy all sorts of meals you want to & not gain too much weight either


Tip 1 

Dish out your food in a quarter plate – This helps you take small portions of the meal and not fill yourself , because clearly you wouldn’t want your food to drop from the sides (gross). Since you will be taking less portions, refilling would be maximum twice because your brain will play its psychological magic and convey the message that you have eaten a lot

Tip 2

Eat your greens first – eating salads or the sidelines first gives you the feeling that they are light but by the time the main course arrives, you are half way through already!

Tip 3

Gulp on H2O – Take a glass full of water before you start your meal, it fills the tummy to an extent, killing half your binge!

Tip 4

Sit Cross legged – Although it may seem kind of ill mannerly to sit cross legged on the chair/ sofa while eating but if possible, sit with your legs crosses, in a way that your heels touch your belly and push it in a little. This causes the stomach bag to not just growing on in capacity but rather makes you feel the bulge when you have eaten more than sufficient

Tip 5

Slow Down! – Take slow methodical bites, no need to hog on your food like it’s going to disappear the minute you let it out of your sight. People say, one shouldn’t talk much during a meal (considered as bad manners) but I say, when you are not doing the talking, you have nothing else to do than just eat! hence having a company and talking to them helps you divert your attention from JUST eating and rather onto something else. automatically slowing you down on the process.

Tip 6

Desserts? Later – Give a gap of at least half an hour before you munch on your desserts, meanwhile giving time to your main courses to settle and form their layers. Also in the meantime, get up from the table, do some random walking or move here and there a little to create space :p


This is what I could think of so far, how about you comment and tell me what’s your tip to no-food-burdening? 🙂

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