Dare to Pout?

Let’s admit it. Every woman these days has one pout-picture/selfie in her cam. It has somehow become a necessary pose for ladies as soon as they see the camera pointing at them but imagine pouting with chapped lips or an uneven lip colour or bad looking shade, not too attractive eh?

Well here’s to introducing an all new range of lip smacks that covers all these problems by a locally popular online brand of cosmetics that has now spread its wings to the UAE, Sophia Collection has initiated this launch in both the countries successfully.  Not only do they offer some distinct line of colors, but are soft and creamy in texture, letting no chap lines appear on the surface, moreover, it is easy to roll and twist and leaves a glossy effect after application.

Take a look:


2015-04-22 07.19.14

2015-04-22 07.19.06

2015-04-22 07.19.52 2015-04-22 07.22.44

To order your set of “Pouts” log onto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophia.col

Website: www.thesophiacollection.com

Contact Numbers – Pak 0321 2027315 UAE 0526 494 786

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