The Inner Voice

Listen to it very carefully.

It can be truest to the most brutal level. Without you even knowing it, it tells you that bitter truth which you probably wouldn’t like to hear at all. Not even from yourself. Yes, you hate it most of the times for its audacity of showing you such candid reality of things you do not want to believe are true. But it is right!

Like a shining light, it guides you into making a decision when your brain nerves are all but sane. sometimes it knows more than you really think you do. It is nothing to be afraid of, just another part  of you telling you what may possibly be the best solution for you. You may even call it your sixth sense, that serves as a beacon of alarm or notification for your brain and it usually turns out right.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is linked to your subconscious thoughts, that encompasses what you really want to do and separates it from what you have actually been doing. So you do not have to be afraid of it, instead treat it is as your best friend, after all no one is a better friend to you than Yourself! (After Allah, Almighty)



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