“Mosquitoes..mosquitoes everywhere!”

Due to weather changes, insignificant methods to prevent pollution, little or no action against puddled water on roads, ignorance towards heaps of garbage thrown at nooks and corners of every street, the people of such affected areas are always found complaining about how the number of mosquitoes has increased and are becoming the cause of so many illnesses these days. To top that, cities that are affected by power shedding get attacked more, as the sheer darkness and no fans become an ideal situation for them mosquitoes to pop out and have their meal.

But this issue is not as simple as it may sound, did you know that, according to UNICEF studies, every minute a child dies from a mosquito bite, making Malaria and Dengue one of the most prevalent and foremost causes of death caused by mosquito bites. Most deaths occur among children living in Africa where a child dies every minute from malaria. Although, through usage of certified mosquito repellents and lotions and distribution aid by some large brands focusing on mosquito eradication, Malaria mortality rates among children in Africa have been reduced by an estimated 58% since 2000.

For individuals, personal protection against mosquito bites represents the first line of defence for Malaria and Dengue prevention such as:

1. Covering all water filled buckets, pots and pans

2. Use of repellent lotions

3. Cleanliness around the house/ no garbage

4. Use of Mosquito coils in the hidden corners of the house to extract the bugs out

Two forms of vector control are effective in a wide range of circumstances.

1. Insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs)

2. Indoor spraying with residual insecticides.

A lot of people are still not aware of the good that mosquito repellents can do for us and save us from such diseases and refuse to purchase them, thinking they are of no use.

Mortein Pakistan recently came up with an initiative on digital medium, for the purpose of spreading awareness among all strata of society. Individuals were required to take a selfie with a street kid and post it with the hashtag #StopTheCount, giving away free mosquito repellent kits to them. It doesn’t end here, large kits and hampers were distributed in various hospitals to let them know what magic it really does and how effectively it kills the mosquitoes.

This was a simple, thoughtful initiative to shed light on the usage of this device and to encourage masses to purchase these for their household to prevent such horrible diseases from entering their doors. After all if each one takes responsibility, eradication becomes easier.

I already used repellent creams and lotions for protection and now I also the repellent devices to shoo away these little buggers! Besides these techniques, we also need to seriously take pollution issues in concern to save our people from such terrible diseases!

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