Exploring Pakistani Cuisine- [Guest Post]

Got to reblog this! After all this is about Paki Food 😀


SPICY – the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Pakistani food.  The Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various regional cooking of the Indian subcontinent. Because Pakistan and India used to be one, after partition the Pakistani cuisine became an extension of Indian cuisine. It also incorporates Afghan, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern influences. However, there are some purely Pakistani foods such as beefKorma and Haleem.

One would expect the food to be similar all over Pakistan, but an interesting fact is that food and the way it is cooked varies greatly from region to region. The variation reflects Pakistan’s ethnic and cultural diversity, for example food from the Punjab and Sindh are similar and can be very spicy! Punjabi food is very rich in flavor and people from the Punjab region tend to place a lot of emphasis on meals – they eat till they…

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