11 things that happen when you move from Karachi to Dubai


1. The words ‘deport’ and ‘fine’ become a frequent part of your vocabulary 

2. The first new Arabic phrase you learn is Al Abwab Tughlaq 
3. You realize that Karachi weather, however much you hated it, will always be better than Dubai weather
4. You learn that the words ‘only’ and ‘no’ can be used in any sentence
5. You take a little while to openly use your phone while commuting or in a public place, scared that you might get mugged
6. You start missing everything about your country. The people. The mess. The struggle. Even the strikes. Who doesn’t like extra holidays?
7. You learn to appreciate just how wonderful Indian people are. Then you learn to appreciate how they are in fact no different than you. 
8. You realize all your fantasies about ‘foreigners’ were skewed because of movies and well, desi is the best. 
9. When someone…

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