Importance of Having Websites for Pakistani Celebrities*

Having a website in today’s world is of utmost importance for everyone alike be it a business man, an artist, a freelancer or even a celebrity. Pakistani celebrities, like others in the world, are public figures and very well known not in their country but abroad as well. With this kind of recognition, do they still need to create a website? The question can be why should they care about it when they are already so famous, right? One may consider it as a fun thing to do but it can be a great opportunity to create more business even for celebrities. The answer is simple – online presence definitely increases your acknowledegment not only among the people who already know you but also worldwide and that’s a win-win situation.

Let’s all admit the fact that social media and websites’ world is here to stay and stay forever. It will continue to evolve into something better and more powerful but will never go away. Then shouldn’t celebrities be concerned about creating their solid appearance online as a future investment?

Here is why celebrities in Pakistan should consider having their own websites:

Personal Branding

Celebrities are a brand themselves and creating a website for themselves only allows people all over the world to connect with them for business concerns. It creates endless opportunities for celebrities to reach out to millions of people and potential businesses all over the world. A celebrity can create their portfolio; share their recent projects, their successful projects and even those which were not so successful. Doing so will only add to your recognition and credibility and will bring you more projects. A website acts as a 24*7 advertisement platform for a celebrity showcasing their career’s highs and lows.

Create A Community

There are various Pakistani celebrities who are working for various human rights or social welfare organizations. Creating a website and putting the welfare projects on highlight that are close to your heart will not only create awareness among people but will also benefit the cause. Celebrities can use their public identification to stir awareness regarding various social issues among masses that need some serious work to do. A website helps the celebrity create a community for people to come, talk, connect and work on the issues and projects that can benefit their country and its people.

Connect With Fans

Which celebrity doesn’t like to hear good things about themselves from their fans and admirers? A website allows your fans to contact you directly or through your management regarding your projects, welfare causes or anything that inspires them about you. Hearing good comments and criticism from fans and people will only help a celebrity polish themselves for future and create projects that people like to see or hear about. Hearing out your fans and paying heed to their emotions and advices increases a celebrity’s credibility and love among his/her fans.

So in a nutshell – A website is always a great tool not only for celebrities but for anyone who runs a business, cause or anything that might interest people.

*This article is written by my friend Fizzah Iqbal, who works as a Content Editor at Incubasys 

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