Project Butterfly – Unleash the genius in you

Prof. Tony Buzan – Inventor of Mind Mapping

“There are 180 million beautiful minds in Pakistan, we just need to know how to use them” – Says Prof. Tony Buzan,  an English author and educational consultant. Inventor of Mind Mapping and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2014.

The Butterfly Universe Initiative is a Global movement for Mental Literacy which is focused on ‘Learning how to learn’ and is aimed at targeting over 1 billion children worldwide and 5 million solely in Pakistan by 2020. The vision is to Inspire the youth to unleash their genius! This is primarily being done by the universally acclaimed method of Mind Mapping.

Professor Tony Buzan, Inventor of mind maps, Raihan Merchant Chairman of M-Holding and Brainchild Communications and Tariq Qureishy C.E.O of Vantage Media & (Founder & C.E.O) of 100% MAD, have come together in a mission to spread mental literacy to all corners on the world.

Monotony kills the creativity with which we all are naturally bestowed with and with growing age, it seeps deep into our system turning into monotonous robot like creatures. Similarly, schools in Pakistan and many other countries focus more on improving linguistic abilities and written practices than focusing on unleashing the true genius that resides within them and needs no boundaries at all. They believe in colours, rainbows & unicorns to break the rut of thinking and achieve what they believe in.

BELIEVE! and the belief is

“Life is colorful, learning is fun;
Imagination and association is the human language”

In an educational conference on Mind Mapping techniques ( a Project Buttefly campaign), held in the beautiful location of Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, Tony stated that Pakistan is filled with beautiful landscapes, culture and people and we as a nation love to think in Metaphors and quoted Aristotle – “The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor”. This shows that we are strong in our poetry and music which, combined together induces a greatly positive vibe in a society but such is not the case in our nation. He referred to the young children as caterpillars who are sometimes crushed at an early stage by the societal vices, pressures, negativity and stressful pressures before they can even become a cocoon and transform into a butterfly.

It is aimed at teachers who are trained via Mind Mapping to think creatively and instill the same in their students as well.

The Venue - Beach Luxury Hotel
The Venue – Beach Luxury Hotel

A Mind Map is the magic tool that transforms learning into fun. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills – word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness – in a single, uniquely powerful manner! Already used by over 400 million people around the world including some of the most influential world leaders, artists, scientists and business people, the Mind Map is an exciting learning and development tool.

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2 thoughts on “Project Butterfly – Unleash the genius in you

  1. Hello ,

    I just become familiar with this project. I’m Iranian, PhD student in science of management in Aix-Marseille university. Iran is full of genius children. Is there any possibility to do this project in Iran as well?

    Looking forward for an answer,

    Somayeh K

    1. Hey Somayeh… this is a relatively old post, not sure about the current status of this project. Let me get updates about this 🙂 … thanks for reading the article.

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