Bollywood Inspired Lollywood: Pakistan’s Item Girls

Thee Mad Queen

Being a movie fanatic, I have been following the much talked about revival of Pakistani film industry for quiet some time now. The one thing I can admit out of this, is that my disappointment with the recent trend of item songs in Pakistani movies, which is extremely bogus and unnecessary, is directly proportional to the increasing number of item songs in the last 2 years, which I can assure you are wayyyyy more than required.

As much as we hate to admit to be inspired by our friendly neighbor India, Lollywood seems to be cramming up with more and more Bollywood item number inspirations than anything else in our own films. What seemed like a revival of the Pakistani Film Industry is now turning out to be nothing more than somewhat great scripts paired with Bollywood inspired cheap item numbers using our very own local talent who has been respected for…

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