Inspiring Architectures – The Governor House

Some architectures and their depth really sweeps you into their beautiful carvings and structure. A plus is if the weather is cloudy and almost rain-like that makes the edifices look extra appealing.

One such architecture here is The Governor’s House in Karachi, Sindh, the official residence of the Governor of Sindh. This building stands on its original site first constructed in the year 1843 by Sir Charles Napier. Its reconstruction began in the year 1936 and the foundation stone was laid by the first Governor Sindh, Sir Lancelot Graham in 1939.

2015-03-07 18.22.40

The present day Governor is Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan, who also happened to be the chief guest at the recent renowned event of LadiesFund Awards 2015 that is a recognition award, the first of its kind in Pakistani history for women, and is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the top female role models and achievers particularly entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The event was full of beautiful women achievers enhancing the beauty of the venue even more. Lush green lawns stretched out to a vast area with fall weather trees, empty of their leafy-ness depicted a true picture of a building straight out of the European setup.

I believe LFA15 couldn’t have chosen a better ground than this.

Here is the panoramic view of the magnificent structure:

2015-03-07 18.23.28 2015-03-07 18.30.30





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