This GIF Won 2014’s GIF of the Year


We continue to live in a world of GIFs. We use them to talk and to mock and to react when words fail us. It may not surprise you to learn, then, that there is an awards show that celebrates GIFs specifically: the GIFYs.

After accepting votes from the public for 2014’s best GIFs in categories such as “animals,” “cats” (in a class by themselves), “weird” and “art + design,” winners were announced March 5.

The No. 1 gif, according to voters, featured President Barack Obama skateboarding. It debuted on an episode of The Tonight Show.

For comparison’s sake, 2013’s GIF of the Year featured Oprah Winfrey unleashing a swarm of angry bees upon her studio audience.


And because your day may be lacking in amusing GIFs, here also are the GIFs of the year in the categories of animal, cat, weird and art + design.

See the…

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