Flowers, flowers everywhere…

‘Tis the season to be jolly,,fa la la la la, la la la la

Yeah, we sing this mostly when the winter is coming up, but here in Karachi, the weather is pretty much confused all the time and winters can be re-experienced in the month of February when spring is at its full swing preparing people for some happy traditional occasions like Basant, Spring Galas, Flower shows etc.

The 64th Flower show hosted by DHA and CBC was held at Sea View Public Park, Karachi. Beautifully decorated gardens exhibiting hues of variety of colors and ikebana wonders at display. The event was open to public visits from Feb 26th till March 1st. Daytime is the best time to visit to properly enjoy the bright colors, however one must stay till the evening as they perform a firework display spreading the colors to the sky for people to delight in far and wide.

Besides the decor, there were various  kiosks selling plantation products, fertilizers, organic edible items from Necos and other local brands like Al-khair that sold varieties of honey, furniture setups and decoration stuff, wood furniture, fibre glass furnishings and a variety of horticultural items.

Pictorial Sneek Peek:

Ikebana beauty by the FASP (Flower Art Society of Pakistan) studygroup;

2015-02-28 20.23.16 2015-02-28 20.23.04 2015-02-28 20.22.35 2015-02-28 20.22.31 2015-02-28 20.21.36 2015-02-28 20.22.08 2015-02-28 20.21.23 2015-02-28 20.22.14

Flower gardenia, Botanical gardens and much colour;

2015-02-28 19.54.10 2015-02-28 20.24.52 2015-02-28 20.16.43 2015-02-28 19.59.47 2015-02-28 19.58.06 2015-02-28 19.57.21 2015-02-28 19.52.28

Such events are healthy specially for people of Karachi who do not get to see floral beauty on a regular basis and it serves as an educating experience for all ages.

The event was co-sponsored by Geo TV.

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